Propulsion, Electrical and Mechanical Services

We provide high quality technical services to our customers with a host of experienced, trained and certified service engineers located in various strategic locations worldwide. Riomar Services is capable to combine various services during the same attendance of engineer in order to provide innovative turnkey solutions for most Technical requirements.


With a team of own service engineers who are trained and authorized by makers, we can provide propulsion services – such as bonding of the stern tube seals, bow thrusters seals, liner alignment, inspection of a vessel's sealing system, and more – with bonding services being able to be delivered afloat or during the dry docking of the vessel.


Our own squad teams of mechanical and electrical service engineers are certified to provide services such as:

  • Thermo graphic inspections
  • Endoscopic alignment
  • On-site monitoring of equipment
  • Aux. engine services and overhauling
  • Engine monitoring and Control Systems (EMC)
  • Power management system
  • Switchboard and breaker systems
  • Design, implement and commission hardware and software for automation systems