Ballast Water Treatment & Exh Gas Cleaning Systems



Yara SOx scrubber is the most economical and efficient way to achieve full compliance with both current and future emission regulations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Our scrubbers are tailor made to any engine size and vessel, have a very small footprint and have flexible dimensions to accommodate for the specific vessel's space availability.

Yara Marine Technologies' scrubbers are produced in high quality, anti-corrosion steel giving superior lifetime and option of extended warranties.

Yara Marine Technologies offers scrubbers that can operate in both open and closed loop as well as hybrid scrubbers that can automatically transit between open and closed loop depending on the specific geographical regulation.

Yara is the only abatement company that can offer scrubber design that allows for both Magnesium Oxide (MgO) and Caustic Soda (NaOH) as alkali in closed loop. We normally recommend to use MgO because:

  • MgO as alkali is completely harmless and represents no health or safety risk onboard.
  • MgO is supplied as a powder and is easily available all across the globe.
  • MgO as alkali also requires less storage space than NaOH as the MgO consumption is only ¼ of the corresponding NaOH needed. 


The installation of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems and some of the Ballast Water Treatment systems (retrofits and new constructions) involve extensive GRE piping.

Pipespain A.S. is the principal of VMS who is specialised in the design, prefabrication and installation of GRP/GRE pipe systems.